Android Installation Tutorial

How To Install PhoneSpector To An Android Device

  • The URL from your welcome email MUST be accessed on a mobile device, if you try to open it on a desktop, you will receive an error message.
  • This app MUST be installed onto the specific Android device you wish to recover data from.
  • NOTE: Please read all of the instructions before you begin.
  • Before you do anything, you must first install the app on the Android device you intend to recover data from.
  • Please read all of the instructions and view every video before going forward.

STEP 1: Find the internet icon on the device and tap it.

STEP 2: Enter the URL from the confirmation email you received into the address bar of the phone’s web browser.

HELPFUL TIP: Texting the link to the device that you’re extracting data from makes things a lot easier. So, just open the email containing the link on your own cell and copy and paste it. Then text it to the other device. After that, simply go to the other phone, tap on the link to get the text, and follow the installation instructions.

NOTE: The link will look something like:

STEP 3: Next, Press ENTER or GO and continue.

STEP 4: If prompted with this warning screen, just tap OK to continue with your download.

STEP 5: Pull down on the status bar of your device’s screen to locate the downloaded file and click it.

STEP 6: Go to the bottom of the page and tap INSTALL.

STEP 7: Then tap on OPEN at the bottom of the page.

STEP 8: Tap ALLOW for the following notifications in order to gain full functionality of the program

STEP 9: Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Installed Services

STEP 10: Tap Notification service

STEP 11: Turn Notification Service ON, then tap OK

You may have to tap the back button 3 times so the following page appears:

STEP 12: Tap CONFIRM that you are the owner of this device

STEP 13: Tap ACTIVATE to activate the device admin app

STEP 14: Tap OK -> tap Continue to enable access to usage data -> tap DEVICE -> Turn allow usage tracking ON

STEP 15: Installation of the app is now complete and the phone should take you back to its Home Screen.

NOTE: If you are not automatically returned to the home screen, then press the HOME button.

To view that device’s data from your phone, proceed to the last step and log in to your control panel.

STEP 16: Click on the link below and log in to your User Control Panel using the Username and Password provided in your confirmation email.

NOTE: The Control Panel password is the same as your license key.

You can access the control panel here:

If you have any issues with your PhoneSpector installation, please visit our troubleshooting page for more help.