3 Apps Your Teen Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Kids will be kids! Sometimes, they’ll try to go behind your back and try new things that potentially get them into trouble. When it comes to their phones, teens are fiercely concerned with their privacy. They expect you to trust them and let them make their own decisions, while the truth is, they’re still in the growing phase of their lives.

As a parent, you’ll find yourself struggling to catch up with the technology your kids are using. They learn about new stuff online way before you do. Parents need to be one step ahead of their kids in order to protect them.

There are so many apps out there, that it’s impossible for parents to know what each one does. The Apple App Store is estimated to have 5 million applications available for download by 2020.

Here’s a list of apps your teenager may be hiding from you or wouldn’t want you to know about:


9Gag is known to be a harmless site where users can share funny pictures known as memes. All kinds of images can be shared and commented on. Most of these pictures, however, share adult humor and images that are not appropriate for teenagers to see. The discussion threads can turn vulgar too.

9Gag can also spark online scuttles or even online bullying. Cyberbullies can belittle young users on the platform, especially if they find out their identity. 9Gag has also been linked to Swatting, a term used for when someone calls up the police and gives them enough information to send in a SWAT team.



Apps like Whisper have given way to a whole new generation of online applications. Whisper is a confession sharing website where users can anonymously share their secrets. It may seem like a harmless place to let your child vent their feelings, but this website has all kinds of confessions shared on it.

Whisper confessions are shared with users who are close by in the area. The GPS location of users is also tracked. This makes the app a thriving ground for online trolls and cyber bullies. When such people find out who the original poster of the confession is, they could start a whole campaign to rat them out in the worst way possible. As parents, you wouldn’t want your kid anywhere near the app.


Tinder is an online dating application for adults. The app is extremely inappropriate for children to be using. Users of the app are actively looking for relationships, and it’s no place for children to be lurking around.

Despite the safety measures incorporated into the app to keep children out, teenagers find their way around and make accounts none-the-less. Once again, this app uses GPS location to tell you of potential matches in the immediate vicinity. Teens often don’t know the danger they are in until it’s too late and they are being manipulated by a child predator.

Cellphone spy software like PhoneSpector allow you to keep an eye on what your child is doing on their devices. You can keep tabs on which apps are in their phone and can gauge whether or not they’re appropriate for them to use. They can look out for any suspicious activity or age-inappropriate content on their kids’ devices.

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