3 Different Social Media Apps Your Partner Must Be Using to Cheat on You

Research has termed social media as ‘blind spot threat to marriage’.

Back in the days, mobile screens were only used as a way to text or call someone. With the advent of social media applications, it’s become easier to video chat, view pictures, send in your own photos, or just stalk someone, even if they’re miles away. All in all, social media has now become the millennial platform for budding romance.

According to another study, connecting with new people or the ones you were involved with in the past through social media is ‘discrete, simplistic, and exciting’. The same study also goes on to say that 42% of internet users agree that they signed up for social media in pursuit of an extra-marital affair.

Let’s look at some of the social media apps your partner might be using to cheat on you:



Instagram is no longer confined to being an app where you share your filter-masked pictures to get likes from friends. Very recently, New York Times declared Instagram as a popular dating spot.

The culprit is said to be the app’s infamous ‘DM’ feature which is a private way of complimenting someone or asking them what time they get free at night. The same study by NYT also states that most people connect if they feel like someone’s feed is similar to theirs. This common denominator then leads to the same two reaching out to each other via the DMs and eventually dating.

According to Huffington Post, most men continue watching their ex’s Instagram stories even after the relationship is long over.


As per another survey, a lot of people complained that they would see people they’ve never heard of, posting and commenting on their partner’s Facebook timelines. Most of these comments were inside jokes by people they didn’t know their partners were friends with. The same survey also states that most people complained about catching their partners using Facebook at 3 AM and quickly putting away their phones if they were caught.

All of these signs simply indicate that your partner is using Facebook to find some love online.

The main culprit in Facebook’s case is the custom privacy feature. It’s possible for your partner to have put you on the privacy list whenever they openly interact with their beau.


There isn’t much which needs to be said about this one, because it very obviously is a dating app.

As of 2018, 35% US internet users were found to be active on Tinder. Tinder matches couples based on what they share. It tells you of people who live close to you, have the same physical desires, and fall in the same age group, making it easy for users to find the ideal match. If the people sort of think they like each other, they can have a private chat to get to know each other better.

Most people prefer Tinder over other dating apps because it’s simple to use, free, and compatible for all phone devices.

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