4 Immediate Measures You Should Take If You Lose Your Phone

It won’t be wrong to say that your phone is an indispensable part of your existence. We not only invest quite some money in getting one but also rely on them. Cell phones help us get through too many of our everyday tasks which we can’t manage on our own. What’s most important is that our phones carry years of tiny bits of memories—videos from the first date, pictures of your trip to Miami, that boomerang you made while tossing your graduation hat, or hundreds of important notes for your next exam.

Losing a phone can bring about unprecedented levels of grief. Before a misfortune like this happens, here’s all you need to know to be prepared:

1) Log out of your social media accounts

Almost all of our social media accounts are always logged in on our phones. These accounts not only contain a great deal of our personal information but can also be misused by someone to harm our reputation. In case you lose your phone, the first thing you ought to do is sign in to all social media accounts from a different device and change your passwords.

2) Get your network services suspended

Before your number is misused and someone else starts receiving text messages you didn’t type, get your services suspended. All it takes is a single phone call to the network service provider. They’ll quickly block all the services on your SIM card, making it unusable. The cellular network operator will ask for certain details to ensure that the authorized person has called in.

3) Report the case to the authorities

It’s always advisable to keep the authorities informed in case of a theft. Let’s say your phone falls in the wrong hands and is used for a terror activity, you’ll be the one put under blame. Make sure to get your case registered so the police know what’s going on.

4) Always have a phone spy app installed

This is a precautionary measure you should swear by if you love your data. Make sure you have a phone tracking software installed at all times. In case you lose a phone, all it takes is one click to track the exact location of your phone. This app is completely undetectable so the thief would never find out they’re being tracked. You can also keep a check on all the calls and messages that the person carrying your phone might be making, while the authorities are doing their work.

To remain notified of your phone’s activity, download PhoneSpector. This phone spy app works the best for both iPhone and Android devices. If you’re not tech savvy, that’s nothing to worry about. There’s no jail-breaking involved. All you have to do is buy the app online, install, and track!

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