3 Misconceptions About Phone Tracking Apps

Although the idea of being spied on doesn’t come off as a very pleasant thing to happen to us but there are times when it becomes a necessity. For someone who can’t sleep peacefully at night because they are worried about their teen, a phone spy app is a life savior! It helps you keep a check on people for their own good and when you have all the right to.

Here are a few myths associated with phone tracking software that need to be debunked:

Myth#1: Phone Tracking is unethical

These applications come under the category of ‘parental apps’. They help parents stay updated on their child’s whereabouts. Let’s say a child is severely depressed and is underperforming at school. The possibilities are endless. Maybe the child is bullied in the neighborhood. Maybe they’re being threatened online. The only way a parent can get to the root of the problem is by tracking the child’s social media apps.

Similarly, if an employer provides company-owned devices to their employees, they have every right to make sure the employee is using the phone for work related communication only. The American Bar approves of this method as a legal workplace monitoring tool, if prior consent is taken from employees.

Myth#2: You need to be extremely tech-savvy to track someone’s phone

Contrary to the popular belief, you don’t need to be a technology expert to use a phone spy app. There’s no jail-breaking required and absolutely no complicated sign ups. All you have to do is buy tracking software online and sign up. The entire process lasts about 45 seconds and you’re good to view all the required data.

Myth#3: Phone tracking apps are expensive

With most of these apps, there are no monthly fees involved. You can acquire one of these apps at  a one –time cost. All other upgrades that follow are free of cost. You can get your hands on a decent spy app for as less as $69.99.

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