A Beginner’s Guide to Phone Tracking Applications

Phone tracking apps have long been a topic of debate. They’re easily available, inexpensive, easy to use, and serve a variety of purposes. But what exactly are these apps and what do they do?

How they work

A spy app gives you access to someone’s online activity, including their deleted chats and calls. The use of such monitoring apps is only ethically permissible if you have valid and legitimate reasons to do so. Most of these apps are easily downloadable from the internet. They give the user remote access to whoever they’re trying to monitor, without letting the monitored person know.

Here are a few situations in which online monitoring is a necessity.

Monitoring employee productivity at work

If your employees have been given a company owned phone to engage in work-related email and they use it for social networking, you have every right to be concerned. Excessive use of social media at the workplace can potentially affect an employee’s productivity and can make your company lag behind in terms of reaching its goals.

Such apps help an employer keep a vigilant eye on their employees to make sure they’re not misusing company owned devices. According to the American Bar, keeping a check on your employee’s internet use and the emails sent from the workplace is legal.

However, it’s essential to keep the employee informed and obtain their prior consent.

Keeping a check on your child

There could be many reasons why a parent might need to sneak into their kid’s cell phones. Maybe your teen is secretly watching porn at night. Maybe they’ve fallen into the wrong company and are likely to take up bad habits.

Your child might also be being threatened by online predators or cyberbullies. Under any of these circumstances, it’s crucial for parents to know what their kid is up to for their child’s safety and wellbeing.

This is where a monitoring app comes into play. You can even access all the chats that they might have deleted. If your kid is out late at night and are not picking up their calls, you can track their GPS and find their whereabouts.

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