A Man Is Known by the Company He Keeps: Know Your Child’s Company before It’s Too Late

According to the Washington Post, childhood friendships play a pivotal part in nurturing our personality. Having good friends who give useful advice, help you out with studying, support you, and bring out the best in you are a blessing, to say the least.

But if someone stumbles upon the wrong group of friends in their early age and adopts habits which make them ‘spoiled,’ it’s natural for parents to worry.

According to studies, surrounding yourself with people who are manipulative, negative, or jealous doesn’t just affect your personality, but also your perception of the world.

What makes your child’s company ‘wrong’?

How do you know if your child’s friend is someone they need to stay away from? Wrong company includes people who:

  • Find pleasure in bullying others
  • Smoke and take drugs without the knowledge of their parents
  • Harass others online or in person
  • Make malicious plans to hurt someone or their property
  • Are into gambling, illegal betting, or other unlawful trade practices at a young age
  • Watch pornographic content and are involved in sexual activities at a young age.

Warning signs

The wrong sort of kids doesn’t just get involved in the above-mentioned activities, but also influences others to do the same. If your child is friends with people who are like this, they’ll start giving off warning signs and show unpleasant changes in their behavior. As a parent, you must be alarmed if your child:

  • Develops a negative attitude towards family and argues back when you talk to them
  • Has started staying out of the house for long hours
  • Spends unnecessarily long hours on their cell phone
  • Has become secretive
  • Has put up lots of passwords on their devices
  • Is not doing good at school all of a sudden
  • Shows signs of smoking or drug intake

What can you do?

  • The first thing is to never confrontyour child about their friends! Don’t criticize their friends in front of them. A direct attack will make your child dislike you. During their teenage years, kids become more defensive about their friends.
  • Set limits. It’s not healthy for a child to go out whenever and wherever they want to. Kids should enjoy liberty, but only if it’s controlled. Parents have every right to tell their kid not to do something if it’s bad for them.
  • Get regular updates from their teachers about who they hang out with. Children feel like they can do whatever they want to at school because that’s where their parents aren’t around.
  • Be their friend, and not a parent. Speak to your kid in a friendly tone which makes them open up to and trust you. The more you scold, the more they’ll become distant. Explain why it’s important to be a good citizen and person, don’t enforce it.
  • Install a phone tracking app to stay abreast of your child’s online activity. These apps will give you an idea of the kind of people your child talks to on a daily basis.

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