Are Your Smart Devices Spying On You? (Infographic)

Having a smart home is appealing, but are you putting yourself at risk? The truth has been exposed with recent news that Apple, Amazon and Google employees’ can listen to your saved voice recordings via their AI assistants Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. These companies claim they manually review these recordings to help improve their services and virtual assistants. 

In light of this, these companies and many others have created ways for you to control what your smart devices record. These devices include the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers, smart tvs, smart video doorbells, smartphones, and other internet connected devices. Unfortunately, Apple has yet to create a way for you to delete your Siri recordings. Below, we included an infographic summarizing the various ways you can stop your devices’ from listening all of the time. 

Stop Your Devices’ From Recording You!


smart devices spying on you phonespector

As you can see, saying simple voice commands and changing your device settings can stop your devices from recording you. Soon, there will be a way for people to prevent this invasion of privacy on all smart devices.

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