Blue Whale Challenge: How You Can Keep Your Family Safe from It?

With the advent of technology, cyber-bullying is no longer confined to threatening emails. It’s made its way to bigger and more dangerous social media avenues. One recent form of cyber bullying none of us missed was the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’. Although it’s popularly categorized as a ‘game’, the blue whale challenge is nothing like one.

The ‘game’ comprises of a series of challenges which it puts its prey through. At each step, the person playing it is forced to cause some harm to them. The last stage of course asks for a suicide. Many teens have lost their lives at the hands of this sinister online game.

How has this game affected teens?

  • This game mostly makes its way to the teens that are socially neglected, emotionally vulnerable and left unsupervised by the parents.
  • The master operating this game makes these teens feel like he can relate to them and understands their ordeal.
  • Around 130 teenshave ended up killing themselves in Russia so far.
  • The game reached US in 2017when two teens—15 and 16 years old killed themselves in Texas.

What can parents do?

  • Communication is the key:Be open to your teen. Keep them informed about the hazards of this game. Build an open relationship where your child thinks they can trust you and can share with you. Make it your child’s habit to discuss important issues with parents. Counsel them and tell them not to trust strangers. Keep your family close and make sure none of your children spend too much time alone with a phone. It’s also advisable to give no internet access to your child at night. Only allow them to use the internet when you’re around.

  • Use a phone spy app to track your child’s online activity: Children who play the blue whale game are usually threatened to not share anything with the parents or authorities. Your child won’t tell you anything. You’ll have to find out for yourself. A phone tracking software is a great help in cases like this. It’s undetectable so your child will never find out they’re being monitored. This spy app will give you remote control access to your teen’s messages, calls, GPS, and internet browsing history. You can even read the chats they’ve deleted in the past. All of this is at a click’s distance and doesn’t need any expertise.

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