Cell Phone Tracking 101: How To Track A Cell Phone

Imagine being able to accurately pinpoint the exact GPS location of a cell phone? This isn’t a spy movie script we’re talking about. This technology is right in our pockets. In the past, if you wanted to start tracking someone, you had to plant some kind of device on their person. Now thanks to GPS technology, you can easily share your location with friends and family right from your iOS or Android device. Tracking apps, like the Find My iPhone app and the Find My Device app, utilize the GPS tracking technology built right into the phone. Cell phone tracking is used by parents, businesses, and often by people just looking for a lost device. Let’s discuss what you need to know about how to track a cell phone.

GPS 101:


What Is GPS?

Long ago, navigators would set sail, finding their way across the globe just using the stars. While impressive, today’s Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking technology has made location tracking a much simpler affair. It was designed for the U.S. military in the 1970s as a way to pinpoint someone’s location anywhere on earth. It was allowed for use by the general public in the 1980s and is widely used everyday.

How Does GPS Work?

GPS gives you your exact global position by way of satellite communication. A device that contains GPS technology emits a signal. One of dozens of satellites orbiting the globe picks up the signal. This communication gives you the exact location updates of the device.

Do All Smartphones Have GPS?

Yes. All Android and iOS phones came standard with GPS technology. It allows for location sharing, so that Google Maps and other applications that track you can work.


Phone Tracking Methods:

There are a couple of ways you can tap into the smartphone’s GPS in order to track it. How you go about it depends largely on what kind of device you wish to monitor, and whether or not you want the person using the device to know they’re being tracked. Let’s compare the methods for tracking a cell phone.


You can track the location of a device using your Google account. This will require you to make settings adjustments to the target phone. It’s very simple. 



  1. Connect to Wi Fi.  
  2. Go on the target phone’s Google Maps app (download it if you need to.)
  3. Click on the menu.
  4. Go to location sharing.
  5. Click “Share your real-time location until you turn this off”.
  6. Share the location with your own phone.


Family Location Sharing

If you’re looking to keep tabs on a family member or spouse, many family sharing plans offer this as an add-on. All of the major cellular companies provide this as an optional feature. With it, you can find the location of any of the devices that fall under the same plan by logging onto the online account given by your service provider. Understand that this is an option for your monthly plan, not an app or a feature you can download. You’ll need to get in touch with your provider about adding this to your existing plan, which may not be available for use until your next billing cycle. So, if you want to track a cell phone today, this wouldn’t be your option.

Phone Tracker & Spy Software

Spy apps are generally unknown to the public, but have a variety of uses both at home and at the office. This software allows you to remotely monitor a target phone remotely. PhoneSpector can give you the accurate location of a device, and is updated every ten minutes to give you the exact, up-to-date location in real-time.


Spy Software 101:


PhoneSpector Spy Software Features

  • GPS Tracking: Track the target phone receiving real time updates. Accurate within 50ft of the target device, updated every ten minutes.
  • Phone Calls: View all incoming and outgoing calls, including the number involved and date and time stamps.
  • Text messages: View all text messages, iMessages, and media messages, even deleted ones.
  • Emails: Read all sent and received emails.
  • Access to Calendar: Know what special days are coming up in someone’s calendar.
  • Media: View all photos, videos, and GIFs stored on the phone.  
  • Data Recovery: Never worry about losing important data. Save pictures, videos, and other files to the user dashboard.
  • Internet History: Know what websites are being visited and web searches that are being done.
  • Access To Contacts: View all numbers and email addresses saved to the device.
  • Keylogger: See all of the mobile phone keystrokes which can get you the usernames and passwords to important accounts.



  • iPhone (all versions)
    • iPhone 5 to 13
    • iPads
    • iOS 7 – 15
  • Android
    • Samsung, HTC, LG, Motorola, Google Pixel, and other Android phone types.
    • Android 3 (Honeycomb) – Android 10


Is It Legal To Track A Phone?

Yes. So long as you’re not tracking an adult that did not consent. Here are the most common legal applications of spy programs.

  • A parent monitoring their child’s device (so long as they are under 18).
  • A business monitoring company devices, with the employees’ permission.
  • Any agreement made between two consenting adults to use spy software.


How To Track An iPhone and Android


Android Tracking

  1. Purchase PhoneSpector.
  2. Text or email the provided “Over-The-Air” link to the target phone (simply follow the link if tracking your own phone).
  3. Click on the link and follow the on-screen prompts to install the app.
  4. Visit your product dashboard on your online account to track the target phone.

iPhone Tracking

  1. Purchase PhoneSpector.
  2. Enter the iCloud Username and Password of target phone.
  3. Go to the App Dashboard and begin tracking the iPhone.


How Cell Phone Tracking Can Help Parents

*Note that some of these features are only available with spy software and not with Google or Family Plans.

  • Know Where They Are!: The GPS tracking feature gives you the ability to know exactly where your child is at all times (so long as they have their cell phone). If your child is supposed to be at soccer practice, you can log on to your dashboard and make sure that’s exactly where they are.  
  • Online Bullying: Online Bullying is a growing problem as more of our lives become digitized. Help protect your child from being a victim.
  • Screen Adult Content: Pornography and other adult content is easily found on the internet. Don’t let your children see something they shouldn’t.
  • Online Predators and Sex Offenders: An internet profile could literally be anyone. Know who your children are talking to using a spy app.
  • Cell Phone Screen Addiction: More and more people are becoming hooked on their smartphones. Monitor your child before this becomes a bigger problem.
  • Themselves: Kids are not always honest with their parents. If your child says they’re going to the movies, you have a way to know for sure.


How Cell Phone Tracking Can Help Businesses

  • Employee Productivity: By monitoring the company-issued device, companies know exactly which employees are using them appropriately and productively.
  • Attendance: Are all the employees are where they’re supposed to be?
  • Delivery Business: Get real-time updates on the location of your fleet.


Other Uses For Tracking Software:


Find A Lost or Stolen Phone

Never worry about a lost phone again. If your smartphone is stolen or otherwise misplaced, you can find the exact location by logging on to your user dashboard. See precisely where the phone is, especially with it being updated every ten minutes.

Recover and Back Up A Phone’s Data

Backing up data is something you usually don’t think of until something disastrous happens. When most people take a picture, they either post it right away, or it sits on the camera roll until you empty it next month. Losing all of your media would be awful. You can’t replace some moments. With PhoneSpector, you have a place to back up all the data from your phone. Pictures, videos, and other important files are automatically saved from the target phone onto the user dashboard. If your phone is destroyed, stolen, or damaged in any way, you have a place to store your media, contacts, and other important files.  


Is Someone Tracking…My Phone?!?

It’s possible that someone has decided to use spy software in an unethical manner, and is now tracking your phone without your consent. If that’s the case, you’ll want to take steps right away.


Signs Someone May Be Tracking Your Phone

While any one sign isn’t a dead giveaway, showing many or all of them could indicate trouble.

  • Short battery life
  • Phone stays lit when locked
  • Slow speed
  • Excessively long shutdown time
  • Excess data charges
  • Strange background noise when making a call


How To Prevent Unwanted Tracking

  • Keep track of your phone! Spy programs sometimes require that someone has physical access to your phone to download the software.
  • Keep your phone operating system software updated.
  • Use anti-malware apps.
  • Delete suspicious files. Spy apps often aren’t subtle and the word “spy” or “tracking” may show up.
  • Be careful about giving out your phone number.
  • A factory reset may be necessary.


Hopefully you’ve learned that iPhone and Android tracking is not as difficult and complicated as someone might think. GPS technology makes it easy to know the precise location of a smart device. Spy software can make tracking even easier, and has plenty of other practical applications. With the right know-how, Android and iPhone tracking can be an easy way to check up on your children, your employees, or that dang lost cell phone that never seems to turn up.

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