How To Get The Most Out Of Your Internet Monitoring Software

At some time or another in our lives, we have become suspicious of a loved one. When red flags are raised and their behavior starts to change what is a person to do? How do you find out what is going on in their lives? Are they doing something they shouldn’t be? Could they be putting you or your family at risk? Tracking their online activity via internet monitoring software can take the heavy burden of suspicion off your shoulders and give you the peace of mind you need.

If you are considering downloading internet monitoring or phone spy software, here are some tips to make the most of it.

Figure out if you really want to know what you are about to find out

Once Pandora’s Box is opened, it can’t be reclosed. If your gut is telling you something is off it probably is. Think about all the possibilities, divide them into worst case, best case and most likely.  Do you really want to know if something is going on? For most people the answer is yes, because living in the dark with suspicion is toxic for any relationship you have. If you need to get to the bottom of your loved one’s suspicious behavior then start by finding out what they are doing online.

Do Your Research

Check Reviews

First thing you will need to do if you are going to purchase internet monitoring software is to figure out which product is best for you.  The best way to do this is to check impartial reviews online. Reviews will give you the real scoop on how a product works.

Is It Compatible With Your Phone?

Check to see if the software you are looking at is compatible not only with your phone, but with the phone you want to track as well. Why phones? The majority of people spend the majority of their internet time on their phone. Getting a software that monitors the family computer is unlikely to reveal any shady behavior.

Are there extra monthly fees?

Some software comes with costly monthly fees. It may seem worse to pay a lower monthly fee as opposed to a larger one time payment, but those monthly payments add up over time and end up costing you more.

Beware of “freemium”

Cheap is good, but free is better, right? Not always. Like they say “there is no such thing as a free lunch.”  Free apps and software are usually lower quality that make their money by collecting your information and selling them to third parties and eat up your data. They also make their money with upgrades for features that would be included with paid software. These extra charges will cost you more in the long run for a much more inferior product. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Follow Instructions Exactly

When you finally decide to download internet monitoring software on your phone, follow the installation instructions to a T in order to have it work like it is supposed to. Think of it like following a recipe for baking a cake, if you skip a step or add a wrong ingredient you get a defective cake. Read all the instructions first before you start to install the software to make sure you understand everything.

When In Doubt, Look For Online Support

If you get stuck on installation or the use of your new monitoring software, just look up YouTube tutorials or ask online forums. You will find that there are usually a community of users who are willing to help. Your issue might be a common one with an easy fix.

Be Mentally Prepared For What You Will Find

It’s not always easy to discover dark secrets about the ones we love. Be prepared to uncover details that are uncomfortable or downright hurtful. Remind yourself that knowing the truth is better than being in the dark. Think about how you are going to confront your loved one with a cool head and let them know you know the truth about their behavior. Once everything is brought into the light you can decide what direction your relationship with this person will take. Do they need help? Do they need to be kicked to the curb? Now that you have the power of knowing, you get to decide that.

The decision to purchase internet monitoring software shouldn’t be taken lightly, but once you have made your choice, getting the right software for you is the next most important thing.

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