How to Access His Facebook Messages without Him Knowing

An article online discussing divorce in the US elaborates on how forty to fifty percent of those getting married in the US eventually go through a divorce. Among the many reasons that people choose to leave those they once loved apart from incompatibility and abuse is infidelity.

The trouble with infidelity however is that the person cheating or going behind the back of the other in most cases will do so on the sly! You don’t expect a cheating spouse or boyfriend to rock up at home and say; “Hey honey, guess what – I think I may have found someone else and I want to see how that goes!

Chances are, if you are being cheated on or suffering infidelity, you won’t get to know about it until it is too late and the other has moved on from you completely. Alternatively, you could find out if you catch the unfaithful partner red-handed!

Facebook – A Window to the Soul


You would be surprised at how revealing a person’s Facebook account could be with regard to who they are. Facebook messages in particular can tell you a whole lot about what someone is up to. We’re guessing if your partner is already acting shady and has aroused your suspicions, you’ve probably already considered going through their Facebook messages. What you may be wondering is how.

The Password/Login Switch


This one is the most basic way to gain access to someone’s Facebook message inbox. This involves handing them the laptop or tablet with their login name already in the name box. The idea here is that the person will instinctively proceed to type out their password and press enter.

The trick; you leave the typing cursor on the name box as opposed to in the password section. When the person signs in and presses enter, their login name and password will both be saved as a login account option! You simply separate the password from the login name and proceed to log on at your own time.

The problem here is if the person notices, they may erase your current history and all login details.

The ‘Forgot my Password’ Method

When you forget your password, social media and other online platforms mail you an access key allowing you to log into and access your account. You could use this method however it would be a onetime thing as the person whose messages you are trying to read will be notified.

You simply need to have access to one of their email accounts. You could do this by closing a window while they are still signed in without letting them know. The account should remain signed in when you open the desired site again.

Simply go to the Facebook page and fill in the lost my password form. You will receive a notification giving you full access (until the person finds out and blocks the same).

Spy Technology


There are also numerous phone spy apps and other phone monitoring software available for both iPhones and androids. Such technology allows you to access Facebook, phone texts and all other social media accounts the person runs via their phone.

Such software is simple to install and allows you to monitor the target phone remotely without the other ever finding out. In situations where infidelity might be a thing, catching the unfaithful partner can take time and patience.

Such applications allow you to monitor the person you feel is being unfaithful without the stress of being found out prematurely. Further, if it is simply paranoia, you don’t risk losing the person in any case because they are mad that you went through their stuff!

In Conclusion

Though the best way to address relational difficulty is always openness and honest dialog, there may be situations where the other leaves us no choice but to look out for ourselves! In such instances, the tips above should help you make sure that you’re not being taken for a ride!

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