How to Access someone’s WhatsApp on iPhone

The number of people using WhatsApp globally is on the rise according to statistics. There may be instances and times when you are required to access WhatsApp messages from an iPhone belonging to you or someone else. Due to the nature of iOS software, doing this can often be quite a task.

We’re going to go over some of the methods you can use to access someone’s WhatsApp without ruffling any feathers!

The Old Crack the Phone Technique

We’re not referring to physically breaking someone’s phone here. The crack and unlock technique involves using computer software to bypass iPhone security protocols and access the data within. This method is often used by people who get locked out of their phones and require retrieving important data.

One problem with this method is the need to find and download the right cracking software. The other is the fact that you will need to have physical access to the phone you wish to crack as the procedure can only be done when the phone is connected to your computer.  

Online Spy Applications


Another way you could potentially access someone’s WhatsApp on an iPhone discreetly is by using online spy applications. Many of these applications do not require installation on to your computer. They also can operate without having to physically access the target iPhone or device.

The way most of these work is by tracking the device and account of your desire using the users phone number. You simply need to feed in the number you wish to track after which you will be directed to a control panel that allows the same.

The problem with such online third party spy applications is that many of them act as gateways to spy on your own data and personal information. Further, finding a legitimate spy site online can be an arduous task. This is because there is a lot of click bait as well as other false site out there that will simply waste your time. Many also request personal information that can later be used against you!

Phone Spy Apps  

Phone spy apps are possibly the best way to go when it comes to accessing someone’s WhatsApp which is on their iPhone. Phone spy applications and software are available for both android and iPhone systems.    

Using this software is also extremely simple and the same does not require physical contact with the target phone. You simply download the spy app onto your computer and install the same. This will give you access to a control panel as well as request details of the phone you wish to access.

Once you feed in the details, data from the target iPhone such as message records, social media data and call information will automatically appear on the software dashboard.

Such software is safe to use as it is developed and regulated by a registered company. Further, the same is easy to navigate as the control panel lays out all the required options. It also allows you access to more than just WhatsApp. This way, if there are other avenues and interactions that require scrutiny, doing so simply requires the click of a button.

Winding Down

If you’re trying to access someone else’s WhatsApp on their iPhone, you probably have your reasons. Just make sure that the avenue you choose is not one that will backfire and put you in a compromising position.  

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