How to Catch a Cheating Spouse

When Ashley Madison was breached in 2015, thousands of users lost their personal information to hackers.

While lack of security and the loss of confidential data were the highlights; it also gave way for thousands of victims to confront their unfaithful spouses for breaching their trust. Amongst them were hundreds of government officials, soldiers and public figures.

They say it takes two hands to clap. Similarly, it takes two people to make a marriage work.

You probably take the till death do us part vow seriously but does the same apply to your spouse? Did you know that more than 40% of marriages in the U.S. end up in divorce?

Whether you admit it or not, we always make excuses for the people we like. From that one coworker we trust with all our rants and complaining, to the sibling who saw us break mom’s precious vase (and blamed the cat)—we’ve repeatedly told ourselves loved ones won’t break our trust!

So, when they do break our trust, we tell ourselves we should’ve seen it coming. But what if we tell you that you can catch them in the act without them knowing?

All’s Fair In Love And War…

Go with your gut feeling. It’s tempting to look away so you don’t get hurt. But remember that no matter what kind of problems you’re struggling with, cheating is NOT an excuse.

Here’s what you should do:

holding-broken-heartLook Out for the Signs

Have you noticed a change in their behavior recently? We keep telling ourselves that it’s probably work related stress or they’re tired. But has your behavior changed the same way? No, it hasn’t!

Look closely. If they’re acting a certain way, something’s up. Here are the signs you should look out for:

¬ Secretive With Their Phone

Your partner used to leave their phone lying around. You’ve had to fetch it for them a couple of times. They didn’t even remember where they kept it!

But recently, they’ve become secretive with their phone. Whenever you’re around, they quickly put it away in their pocket. They never had a password but now they do.

Do they look suspicious? Yes, they do!

You can’t make calls without them quickly snatching it away from your hand. This is the first sign of an unfaithful spouse.

¬ Less Affectionate

You were always the one running from a hug or a kiss. But now you’re the initiator and they’re the ones running away. They either squirm away from a bear hug or tell you they’re too tired to do anything.

It’s a possibility that they are tired. But if it’s like this all the time, even during their days off, you know you have a problem!

¬ Distance Has Become the Norm

They give short or one-word answers. “Yes” and “No” become the norm. Suddenly, they start spacing out and are constantly using their phone.

“Huh?” and “Sorry, what did you say?” are the questions you get when you tell them about your day.

Gather Proof

DON’T make the mistake of confronting them without proof. This will only make you look like the bad guy. You need to be confident when confronting them so they don’t emotionally blackmail you.

It’s understandable that it’s difficult. It will never be easy. But in the long run, you will be happier having dodged a bullet.

¬ Surprise Visit

Come home early from work one day to surprise your spouse. Check out the story of this Redditor and how they hilariously caught their spouse cheating—on their partner’s birthday; in front all their loved ones invited!

Most cheaters feel comfortable cheating at home when their spouse is away at work or on holiday.

So, make an announcement that you will be working late. Then come home early.

¬ Keep Track of Their Whereabouts

From ATM withdrawal receipts, to phone records and credit card statements, make sure to make a copy of everything. Another thing you should do is keep records of their phone calls. Most cheaters store their affair partner’s name under a different name on their phone.

That way, you have proof they have been calling them.

¬ Install a Phone Spy and Tracking Software 

A little unethical? Maybe. But so is cheating! And you want to take them to court for alimony if you plan to get divorced.

PhoneSpector allows you to gain access to your spouse’s texts, whereabouts/location, phone records, phones/videos, Facebook messages, and more. The best part? It works with both Android and iOs!

So, give us a call at 1-888-503-5795 to learn more or talk to our representative today!

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