How to Monitor Your Teen’s Whereabouts without Making Them Feel Suffocated

According to the Huffington post, teenage is the time of crisis! It’s this time when children are most likely to fall into wrong company, get into relationships which might not work out, start distrusting friends, go through an existential crisis, or just suffer from anxiety because of the mounting pressure of school grades. This is also the time when kids feel like they’ve grown up and develop a dislike for their parents, if they’re too closely monitored.

If you’re a parent whose teen is going through all of this, don’t worry! Its normal and it’ll soon be over. If your children are distancing themselves from you, they’re growing up. Be concerned but don’t overdo it. All you have to do is change your approach. We’re here to tell you how.

Don’t ask too many questions

As a parent you need to understand that your kid is no longer a toddler and won’t like being inquired every time they step out of the house. According to a report by the National Institute of Mental Health, around 6.3 million teens suffer from anxiety. But that’s okay. In most cases, things fall into place when they grow up.

Asking too many questions and bossing them around like old times will make it worse for them. Give them the space they need. Allow them to get accustomed to this newfound hormonal rush. Tell your teen that you understand what they’re going through. Be a friend and not a parent. Be gentle. Make your kid open up to you by making them believe that you understand them.

Keep a track on their whereabouts through indirect means

Teens hate being monitored. We have a better proposition—use a phone tracking software to carry out the job for you. As a teen’s parent, it’s essential for you to know whether they’ve gotten into smoking, drugs, underage driving, teenage sex etc.

A phone spy app will give you all the information you need. All you have to do is download it in your teen’s phone. After a 45 seconds sign up, you’ll have remote control access to their GPS, text messages, calls, internet browsing history etc. The good thing is that most of these apps are undetectable, making it impossible for the child to know they’re being watched.

If you’re looking for a reliable spy app to stay updated on your teen’s whereabouts, then try PhoneSpector. It works fine for both iPhone and Android devices. Place an online order at your earliest or call at 1-(888) 503-5795 if you have any further queries.

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