How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages On Android and iPhone

You’re likely checking out this article because you’ve accidentally deleted Facebook messages. If they contained important information, then you likely want to get them back immediately! We can help you! There are three main methods, listed below, of how to recover deleted Facebook Messages.

How To Recover Deleted Messages On Facebook Messenger

#1: Ask The Message Recipient

Whether you messaged a business client or coworker, friend, or family member, first ask them if they have a copy of the conversation(s) you deleted. Deleting messages on your end doesn’t mean they are deleted on the recipient’s end. Likely, they still have a record of it right on their Messenger app. The recipient can either take a screenshot or download their message history.  

#2: Check Your Archived Conversations

You may have archived your messages without realizing it. Below, are the steps on how to check your archived conversations on Messenger on your computer. Note: Checking archived conversations cannot be done on iPhone and Android phones.

  • Click on the Messenger icon on the top right of your browser.

  • Go to the setting (gear icon) on the left side and choose Archived Threads.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

  • Any archived messages will then appear (if any).

#3: Check Your Email

Depending on your Facebook notification settings, you may have a copy of your past messages in your email. This would be the email associated with your Facebook account. You can check your settings by going to Settings → Notifications → Email. If “All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from” isn’t checked off, them your deleted messages weren’t sent to your email as a notification. If it is, then you just have to go to your email and locate the message notification email.

What You Can Do In The Future

– Use PhoneSpector

By using the PhoneSpector Facebook Monitoring App, you’ll be able to track, monitor, and back up all of your Facebook activities. This includes private messages sent and received on Messenger, and their contents (photos, videos, etc.) So, you will never have to worry again about your Facebook messages disappearing forever.

– Archive Important Conversations

When initiating any important conversation on Messenger, like for business, remember to archive it. For when you may have to reflect on or summarize what you spoke about, archiving conversations is a good practice to do. This is also a good practice for when you may have to reflect on or summarize what you spoke about.

– Change Your Message Notifications Setting

As said before, you can get email notification of your Messenger conversations. All you have to do is go to: Settings → Notifications → Email. Then, check off  “All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from”.

– Download Your Facebook Data

If you are ever very worried about losing any Facebook messages, you can choose to your Facebook data. To do this follow the steps below:

  • Go to your Facebook account Settings.
  • Click on Your Facebook Information, then on Download Your Information.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

  • Then, you can pick and choose the content you would like to download, date range, file type, and media quality. After this, click on Create File.

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Messages

Why You May Need To Recover Facebook Messages

– To Get Back Business or Client Information

If you conduct much of your business-related on Messenger, deleting messages accidentally is the worst thing that could happen. It could be anything from directions from your client to bank account information. Getting this information back is essential, with no room for failure.

– Retrieve Photos and Videos

People often use Messenger to share photos and videos with friends and family. It would hurt if one day some of those disappeared, without any method of retrieving them. All those memories and good times just gone.

– To Recover Important Personal Information

Facebook messages can also contain personal information, not just business details. This could include party invites, account information, and more. Just like with your business information, it’s crucial to get this back.


Hopefully, these how to recover deleted Facebook messages methods work for you. If not, just remember the precautions we mentioned for future reference. Along with this, make sure to think twice before clicking the delete button.

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