How To View iPhone Call History

It’s really simple to learn how to check call history on iPhone devices. Whatever your reason may be for viewing an iPhone call history, you’ll be able to see incoming and outgoing calls, the phone numbers involved, the date of the calls, and their duration. Below, we’ve detailed the different ways in which you can view your call history along with viewing someone else’s using PhoneSpector.

*Side Note: PhoneSpector is only intended to be used by parents to monitor their children or employers to monitor their employees’ company-owned devices with permission.

How To View My iPhone Call History

  • Step 1: Click On The Phone Icon iPhone phone icon
  • Step 2: Select The Recents Icon

Once the Phone app is opened, you should see a bar at the bottom of the screen that includes Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad, and Voicemail. Click on the Recents icon that looks like a clock.

  • Step 3: View All Of Your Phone Calls

Now, you can view all of your iPhone call history including incoming, outgoing, and missed calls. To learn more about a specific call, click the (i) icon to find out the date the call was made, the time of it, and the call type (missed, outgoing, or incoming.) If the call was with someone in your contacts, you’ll be able to view other information about them (if entered) like their email.

How To View Your iPhone Call History Via iCloud

  • Step 1: Go To Your iCloud Account On Your iPhone

Go to settings and click on your name. Then, tap on iCloud.

  • Step 2: Back Up Your iPhone

From iCloud, select iCloud Backup. Then, click on Back Up Now. Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi during the backup process. You get 5GB of iCloud storage for free.

  • Step 3: Log Into Your iCloud Account

With the iPhone information backed up, log into your iCloud account. Visit and enter your login information. This site you can access via any web browser on any device.

  • Step 4: Review Your iPhone Call History

Once logged into your iCloud account, you can view your phone call history. You’ll also be able to view your iPhone’s photos, videos, app data, iMessages, and more.

How To View Someone’s iPhone Call History Using PhoneSpector

  • Step 1: Purchase PhoneSpector iPhone Tracking Software

Before viewing another person’s iPhone call history, you need to purchase a tracking and data extraction software like PhoneSpector. Our software is compatible with the iPhone 5 – 12 and iOS 7 – 14. Click here to view our iPhone software.

  • Step 2: Enter The Person’s Apple ID and Password

Next, log into your PhoneSpector account using the Username and Password you received from the company. Then, enter the iPhone owner’s Apple ID and password and click save.

  • Step 3: Retrieve Call History

After the Apple ID and password are confirmed, PhoneSpector will extract the iPhone call history and upload it to your product account.

  • Step 4: View The iPhone Call History

Log into your PhoneSpector account and view the iPhone call history. You’ll be able to see all incoming, outgoing, and missed phone calls including their timestamps and call duration. 

The different methods of how to check call history on iPhone listed above are easy peasy. Whether you’re looking at your own or someone else’s iPhone call history, this step-by-step guide is sure to help you! 


Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Call History

How Far Back Does Call History Go On An iPhone?

On an iPhone, you will be able to view the last 100 phone calls sent and received. If you wish to view more phone calls, try logging into your cell phone carrier or iCloud account. These services, if set up properly, may back up your entire phone call history. 

How Can I Recover My Call History?

You can easily recover the iPhone call history via your iCloud account. To do so, log in to your iCloud account and select your iPhone. From there, view your iPhone data including your call history. If you need to back it up, select iCloud Backup → Back Up Now on your account. 

How Can I Find Old Call History On My iPhone? 

If iCloud Backup is enabled on the iPhone, you will be able to view all save call history on your iCloud account. On an iPhone, only the past 100 calls are viewable. 

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