What Being An Instagram Spy Could Tell You About A Person

Being an instagram spy can tell you a lot about a person. Here is our guide to how much you can actually learn about someone by just their instagram account.

What Is Instagram?

Instagram is an extremely popular social media platform where people post pictures with captions. It has fueled an entire industry of “Instagram influencers”, people with lots of followers and engagements that make money on endorsements. It is also popular for regular people to show the world the life they have carefully framed and filtered. Instagram has been criticized for promoting a fake idealized world full of unrealistic expectations. It may not be real life, but it can have real life consequences.  

Why Hack Someones Instagram?

We often portray ourselves in one way on Instagram and a completely different way on social media. Some people have entirely separate lives on social media that their loved ones have no idea about. If someone you love has been acting suspicious and you are worried about them you have options. A phone monitoring app like PhoneSpector allows users to track a target device and get information such as chat messages, social networking accounts, GPS locations and offers keylogging features so you can know what someone is doing on their phones.

How To Secretly Hack Someones Instagram

The first thing you want to do if you want to spy on someones Instagram account is to download a cell phone spy app like PhoneSpector. Once installed on the target phone you can instantly spy on Instagram messages and many other things this person is doing on their phone without the other person ever even knowing about it. You can get updates to your phone remotely through your PhoneSpector dashboard.

What You Can Find

An Instagram account can tell you a lot about a person if you just know how to look for it. Here are just a few things you can find out about someone just through their Instagram account:

– If They Are Cheating

For spouses and significant others this is the number one reason they want to monitor their partner’s Instagram account. You can get private messages and photos sent to a lover or see if they are posting on a secret account and acting as if they are single. Look for the signs of cheating including inappropriate private messaging members of the opposite sex or posting scandalous pics of themselves for all to see.

Being cheated on sucks, but it isn’t the end of the world. If you are being cheated on it is better to know about it now than find out later.

– What Type of Things They Are Into

If your loved one has shut down and you want to get back into their life, their Instagram account can give you insight into how to reconnect with them. Look at the types of accounts they are following are they into fitness, gaming, horses? Whatever it is you can bet it will be all over their feed. You can learn about all the things your loved one is interested in and use it to get them to open up to you more.

– If They Are Leading A Double Life

You hear about it all the time. Some random person had an entire family and life outside of their other one that nobody knew about. The internet makes it easier to lead a double life because you can be just about anyone online. If your loved one has multiple Instagram accounts there might be parts of their life they are trying to keep separate. When looking into someone else’s secret or previously unknown Instagram account be prepared to uncover things you’d never expect.

– If They Are Into Drugs or Alcohol

While it isn’t exactly the brightest idea to post drug and alcohol use on social media, many people still do it anyway. If you are worried about drug or alcohol abuse in your teen their social media accounts and Instagram might be able to tell you.

Catching drug or alcohol addiction early is a key factor for recovery. Arm yourself with all the information you need to help your child if you suspect they might be suffering from addiction.

– What Is On Their Private Account

If someone has a private account and won’t add, you they might have something to hide. PhoneSpector allows you to see their posts, comments and messages so you can get to know what is really going on.

– Who They Are Talking To

Instagram offers a messenger app feature that allows users to message each other privately. With PhoneSpector you will be able to see who they are talking to and what they are chatting about.

– If Your Child Is Being Bullied

Cyberbullying is a major issue in this day in age. Unfortunately often times kids don’t tell their parents about it. If you are worried that your child is being cyberbullied, getting answers from social media profiles like Instagram can help put a stop to it.

– If Your Child Has Self-Esteem or Mental Health Issues

There are many accounts across social media that promote dangerous behaviors such as eating disorders or self harm. Notice if your child is following these type of accounts or is even posting such content. Once you get the truth, you can get them the help they need.

Also, there is a lot of pressure to be perfect on social media. You should know if your child is obsessed with their instagram. It could be giving them self esteem issues. Trying to measure up with an ideal that doesn’t exist in the real world is hard.

There are lots of things Instagram can tell us about a person. A concerned parent or worried your lover is leading a double life, can catch an all access glimpse into their Instagram account using PhoneSpector.

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