iPhone Parental Controls To Restrict Your Kid’s Phone Use

iPhones are one of the most used mobile device brands by kids today. According to a recent study, about 83% of American teens own an iPhone. Even though it’s great for teens to have an iPhone and to start becoming independent, parents still have many concerns about them using their phones and what they do on them. How can parents make sure their child is safe and using their iPhone properly without invading their privacy? Below, we list iPhone parental controls and third-party apps that can help. 

Family Sharing

If your whole family has iPhones and other iOS devices, this is a great tool to use. With it, a family (up to 6 people) can share Apple subscriptions and App Store purchases. Parents are also able to set up Apple ID for their kids, set up screen time features, and view and approve downloads. To learn about how to use this on your iPhone, Mac, and more, click here

Do Not Disturb While Driving

One safety setting both parents and teens can utilize is Do Not Disturb While Driving. When active, this feature will turn on and connect to your car’s bluetooth (if you have one) automatically. While driving, those who text you will get sent a reply saying you’re driving, unless it seems urgent. Some notifications will deliver, but not all, and you will be able to use your GPS navigation app while driving. 

Screen Time

Screen Time is the main parental control feature parents utilize. It is the hub for all things parents can use to restrict and monitor their child’s device. To set up Screen Time, go on your child’s iPhone → Settings → Screen Time. Select “This Is My Child’s [Device]”, and follow the prompts to create your own passcode. Then, click on Content & Privacy Restrictions and enter your passcode if asked. 

When you are in Content & Privacy Restrictions, there are a number of settings and features you can control including:

  • iTunes & App Store Purchases: Choose whether to Allow or Don’t Allow the installing or deleting of apps, and in-app purchases. Decide whether a password is always required regarding app downloading and purchases on your kid’s iPhone or iPad. 
  • Allowed Apps: Decide what specific apps your child can and cannot use including social media, Siri & Dictation, and more. Put an app limit on their phone so they don’t abuse their app use. 
  • Web Content: Restrict what websites they can and cannot have access to. Choose the Limit Adult Websites option to make sure they don’t see explicit content online. Manually input websites you don’t want them to visit online as well. 
  • Content Restrictions: Restrict App Store content such as podcasts, movies, tv shows, apps, books, and more based on their specific content ratings. 
  • Game Center Restrictions: With so much gaming happening on mobile, restricting kid’s gameplay is crucial. You can prevent them from playing multiplayer games, adding friends on games, and recording their screen. 
  • Location Sharing: Prevent apps, Messages, and Find My Friends from accessing an iPhone location.

Third Party Apps You Can Use

Besides the iPhone parental controls listed above, there are other third-party (and legitimate) apps you can use to keep an eye on your child including the ones listed below. 

  • Google Family Link

Google Family Link is a free parental control app that can be used on various iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPad Touch. The app enables parents to view their child’s app activity and manage their apps, their phone’s real-time location, how much time their child spends on their iPhone, and lock their device if needed. 

  • PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector is a parental monitoring app that allows parents to view practically all of their child’s iPhone activities. This includes the iPhone’s GPS location, social media apps, texts, photos, videos, private messages, and more. This product is constantly updating to be compatible with the latest iPhone models and iOS versions.

  • Find My iPhone

Need to find your child’s iPhone in a hurry? If you have Find My iPhone set up, you can! Using it, you can remotely locate the phone if it’s lost or stolen, play a sound to find it, lock the phone, or delete all of the data on it if necessary. 

Should You Use These Parental Controls On Your Child’s iPhone? 

Absolutely! There’s nothing more important than the safety of your children. There are numerous dangers online such as cyberbullies, sexual predators, and catfishers, who wouldn’t have a second thought about targeting your child. And new dangers are emerging everyday that you and your child may not be prepared for.. But by using these parental controls and monitoring their iPhone activity, you can face these dangers and your child’s misuse of their phone together. 

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