Is It Possible To Remotely Spy On A Target Phone?

Are you an employer looking to make sure that company devices are being used appropriately? Are you a parent who wants to ensure the online protection of their kids? In either scenario, being able to remotely monitor the target phone would come quite in handy. But, is it actually possible?

Is It Possible To Spy On A Phone?

Contrary to what many believe, it is possible to spy on an Android or iPhone remotely. You can use a spy app to monitor and look at a phone’s data without needing the phone in your possession. The PhoneSpector spy app is one of the best, and most advanced options on the market. The only time you will actually need access to the target phone is during the installation process of our Android spy app. So, if you install this app on your child’s phone to secretly monitor them, they won’t find out.

One of the many benefits of using this spy app is that is compatible with the latest iPhone and Android smartphones and operating systems. This includes:

  • iPads (all)
  • All iPhone versions from the iPhone 5 – iPhone X
    • Running on iOS 7 – 12.2
  • Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola Android phone models
    • Running on Android 3 – 9

What Can You View On The Target Phone?

The number of things you can remotely spy on are endless, for both Android smartphones and iPhones

Here’s a list of what you would be able to see using PhoneSpector:

  • Sent and Received Texts Messages, SMS Messages, and iMessages with their content.
  • Social Media Activities of Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and more.
  • Private Messages on Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Kik, and more.
  • Photos and Videos stored on the phone.
  • Chrome and Safari Browsing History.
  • Outgoing and Incoming Emails.
  • Call Log and Contacts.
  • Apps on the devices
  • Upcoming calendar events.
  • The real-time GPS phone location.
  • And so much more!


Wow, that’s a lot. All of this and more can be viewed on your own personal PhoneSpector dashboard. What information will be most useful to you?  

How To Target A Phone Using A Spy App


Step 1: Purchase PhoneSpector

To start spying on someone’s phone, you must first have a spy app. PhoneSpector will get you the target phone’s data fast and will ease.

Step 2: Install Your App

The PhoneSpector Android and iPhone spy app installation process does differ. The company will provide you with specific instructions upon your purchase.


    • Open your product OTA (over-the-air) link on the Android phone you want to target.
    • Enter the license key and password provided to you.
    • Follow a few more on-screen instructions until you receive an installation confirmation.
    • Log into your product dashboard on your own devices to view the information retrieved.


    • Enter the Apple ID and password from the target iPhone you wish to monitor.
    • The app will automatically download.
    • Log into your product account on your own tablet, computer, or cell phone to finish the connection.


Step 3: View The Phone’s Data

From your own smartphone, tablet, or computer, you can log into your PhoneSpector account to access your personal dashboard. There, you can easily view everything from texts, calls, to photos taken. All this information is organized and color coded in a way to make it more user-friendly.

How PhoneSpector Will Benefit Parents and Employers

As we said earlier, it is highly beneficial for parents and employers to remotely spy on a phone. But why?

For Parents:

  • By monitoring your kids online and messaging activities, you can protect them from online criminals and sex offenders. These criminals often impersonate someone younger in order to lure in their young prey. It often starts as an innocent message or friending on social media and escalates from there.
  • Cyberbullying is an all too common occurrence on social media and messaging apps. Kids are targeting by friends, schoolmates, or random people on the web (even adults). By being able to see your child’s phone activities, you can see if they’re being cyberbullied and help stop it in its tracks.
  • The web is full of inappropriate and explicit content that kids should not be exposed to. They often accidentally stumble upon it on YouTube, social media, or with an innocent Google search. By knowing their web browsing and social media activity, you can protect their little eyes from seeing grown-up content.


For Employers:

  • One of the biggest work time wasters is being on social media. Whether your employees work in the field on in the office, you can monitor their company-owned phone use to make sure they aren’t wasting your time.
  • Spy apps come in handy when needing to keep an eye on employees who work remotely. Even if the employee has been working for you for years, can you really trust them? Plus, you’ll need to make sure they are doing their job tasks and are communicating appropriately with customers.


So, now you know that it’s possible to spy on a phone remotely. What will you do with the power that comes with using PhoneSpector spy app?

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