Is There a Link Between Bullying and Crime?

Research has shown that children who were bullied till adolescence are more likely to engage in criminal and illegal activities. 14% of people who admit to being bullied in their childhoods ended up serving time in prison. To compare, 6% of people who weren’t bullied ended up in prison.

Most studies focus on a very narrow timeline. When researchers widened their perspective to include individuals who suffered years of bullying, they found more concrete links. Incidents of substance abuse, vandalism, burglary, and many other harmful acts were much more common among people who were tormented for years. They were often arrested, convicted, or incarcerated.

The rates of criminal convictions between bullied and non-bullied individuals differed greatly. Over 20% of those who were bullied were convicted, in comparison to 11% of those who weren’t. The research also found a difference between those bullied in childhood and those bullied in adolescent years.

Being the subject of cruel bullying, whether upfront or online, resulted in higher odds of delinquency. Chronic victims had the highest rates of adverse legal rulings. Victims often find themselves taking out their anger in ways that get them in trouble with the law. Attacks on the bully, attacks on someone innocent, substance abuse, and threatening unsuspecting individuals are common ways for victims to vent.

Other studies, interestingly, establish a strong relationship between those who bully and delinquency. Those who bully are also at high risk of coming face to face with the law. The psychology of a bully doesn’t change; as they mature, they look for more intense ways to manipulate and intimidate. That can only put them in hot water.

So what’s the way out of this vicious cycle?

The results of these studies are staggering. The direct relationship of bullying with crime cannot be taken lightly. Bullying has detrimental effects when inflicted on someone younger. Children are the most susceptible to negative behavior, and they pick up on it quicker too.

Prevention programs are a great place to start. Schools need to take on this challenge head-on and implement these programs. Parents need to be actively involved in their child’s lives. Often, parents work several jobs, failing to notice their child’s development.

School can provide counseling and a fair disciplinary system to investigate bullying claims. Early prevention and open communication is the best first step.

Bullying can bring out the worst in people. 4400 people commit suicide due to bullying and for every 1 person who loses their life, 100 attempt to end their life. Suicide prevention helplines should be promoted widely, on radios, TVs, social media sites, on walls, etc.

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