Late Night Movies—How to Know If Your Kid Is Watching Them Without Your Approval?

For a child to do well at school, it’s essential that they give their studies the right amount of attention, sleep early at night and at the same time engage in healthy sports.

According to research, too much screen time and use of media for leisure activities makes children aggressive, obese, and affects their health. In addition to this, it also cuts down on the time they dedicate to homework.

As per The National Sleep Foundation,the worst time to watch movies is before going to bed at night because of the detrimental effects it has on your health. It affects one’s ability to sleep peacefully and also leaves you feeling drowsy the entire next day.

Here are a few ways you can your little one from watching late night movies, if they refuse to oblige to your consistent scolding.

Look for internet connections

2019 is the time of live streaming. Gone are the days when it would take hours to download a movie. If your child watches movies late at night, chances are they’re streaming them online via platforms like Netflix, YouTube, or any other site. These website only stream movies or shows if you’ve got a seamless internet connection.

If you’ve got a WiFi router, you can check the number of devices connected to your wireless network simply by clicking somewhere in the ‘settings’ option.To make sure whether the internet connection was exclusively utilized for movie purposes or not, you can also sneak into their browsing history the next day. If you find absolutely no evidence for the time you caught them online, it means you’re being lied to or your kid goes incognito to watch movies. Either way, you’ll know something’ up and you need to stop it.

Next day drowsiness

According to the BBC, 80% teenagers in the United States own personal cell phones. To find out whether your child spent half of their night watching movies on their personal phones, look for signs of drowsiness the next day.

Scientists say that an average child needs about 8 hours of sleep every night to stay active the next day. If your child causes a lot of trouble while waking up the next morning or sleeps throughout the day, it’s a tell-tale sign that they were up all night. Lack of sleep a child lazy, drowsy, and just aggressive. If you feel like your child’s sleep pattern has been disruptive lately, you can be sure that they spent their night looking at their mobile screens.

Try phone spy apps

The only limitation of the above two tactics is that you won’t exactly know what they watched all night. For that, you need a phone spy app.

A phone tracking software will give you remote control access to your child’s phone. After following a 45 seconds long set up, you can access all their online activity, chat history, download history, and social media use. This is a very accurate way of knowing what exactly your child has been busy with all night. These apps are mostly undetectable so chances that your child will know that they’re being watched are close to none.

To keep a vigilant eye on your child’s late night activity for their own good, download PhoneSpector. This monitoring app is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. To get your version, buy it from our website. For further queries, you can give us a call at 1-888-503-5795.

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