Protect Your Child From The Fire Challenge!

Online challenges have gotten out of control! Young children are participating in dangerous challenges like the Tide Pod Challenge and Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge which pose a risk to their health. Now, the danger of children participating in the Fire Challenge has resurfaced. If you don’t already know, the Fire Challenge is when someone puts rubbing alcohol all over their body and lights themselves on fire for the purpose of filming it. 

The Story Of Timiyah Landers

It was just a normal summer day, Brandi Owens was having breakfast with her daughter Timiyah and her two friends. After eating, Brandi went to go take a nap. After about 10-15 minutes, Brandi and her fiance heard a loud pop. A few moments later, they saw Timiyah running down the hallway engulfed in flames and screaming for help. Brandi didn’t even take a second to think. Through the flames, she took her daughter to the bathtub and ran the cold water.

It was like a reflex. . . . I didn’t even feel the fire, I was just saving my daughter.” – Brandi Owens


While taking her daughter to the hospital, so many questions ran through her mind like; What had the girls been doing? The answer: the Fire Challenge. Timiyah had poured rubbing alcohol on herself and set herself on fire all for this dangerous challenge. Currently, Timiyah is in the intensive care unit with second- and third-degree burns and is on a ventilator.

Watch this video to hear Timiyah’s story:


History Of The Fire Challenge

So, how did this dangerous challenge start? Well, the origins of this challenge are unknown, but it started trending in 2014. Challenges like this become viral for two reasons: 1) Peer Pressure and 2) FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Young people feel like they have to participate when their friends are doing it and they see challenge videos on YouTube. The major risks of the Fire Challenge arose in July of 2014 when a 15-year-old Kentucky teenager participated in the challenge and got severe burns.

Since then, the Fire Challenge has sadly not flamed out of existence. However, organizations like the National Fire Prevention Association have made an effort to promote awareness about this challenge.


A parent should never have to go through something like what Brandi experienced. Many online challenges like the Fire Challenge, can easily be preventable by parents and online websites. To prevent your child from becoming a victim like Timiyah, use PhoneSpector to know where they are and what they are doing on their cell phone and social media. 

Watch this mom’s review of how PhoneSpector helped her:

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