The Secret Weapon That’ll Make Your Human Resources Dept More Effective

Behind every thriving company is a hardworking HR department. HR doesn’t just hire and fire employees but also ensures a productive work environment. What exactly do we mean by a productive work environment?

It’s simple— a workplace where employees work to the best of their capabilities and put all their time to efficient use. To ensure productivity, you can’t of course get your HR to follow the employees wherever they go. Neither can an HR manager stay glued to the screen of a surveillance camera all day long and monitor employees. This is the 21st century. If you follow the latter approach, you’ll suffocate them and they’ll eventually quit.

Here’s a better proposition. The secret weapon to monitor your employees while they’re at the workplace is a phone spy app. Before you ask, it’s totally ethical if used for the correct purposes.

How does it work?

Phone tracking software is especially designed to help employers track their employee’s phones for surveillance purposes. The condition is that these devices must be used only for work related communication. This app tells you about your employee’s daily internet usage, calls taken, messages sent, and their location. To make sure no ethical concerns rise, it’s better to acquire written consent from your employees before you get this app on board.

How does it make human resource management more effective?

  • For appraisals:It’s important to know the amount of time your employees spend on YouTube videos and pointless Facebook stalking. This helps you gauge the extent to which they remained focus on their work compared to others. For HR, this information holds great value in times of finalizing appraisals. It’ll also make it easier to differentiate a top performer from an under-performing employee.
  • To identify whistle blowers:A lot of employers monitor their staff’s email to see if their conversations are directly or indirectly harming the company. According to Forbes, around 26% companies have fired employees on account of misuse of email service. This tool can also help employers detect any breach of confidentiality by the employees.
  • Less administrative burden for the HR: Instead of taking employee attendance to keep a check on the number of hours your employees spend working, you can just get a phone spy app to do it for you. This makes the HR’s job easier. It also reduces a lot of paperwork since the HR now doesn’t have to keep a printed record of when the employee entered or left the office. A quick look on the location logs can help them out.

To give your HR department the performance boost that it needs, get your version of PhoneSpector now. This software is compatible for both iPhone and Android devices. You can buy one for your company at affordable rates online!

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