Top 4 Dangers Children Are Exposed to Online

The internet is a dangerous place for young people. They can come across cyberbullies, child predators, hackers, and even social media posts that can haunt them for years. Children can also unknowingly put their families at risk by visiting sites that contain malware. Malware can give cybercriminals access to bank accounts and other personal information. Consequently, keeping kids safe on the internet is extremely important.

Cellphone spy software like PhoneSpector allow you to keep an eye on what your child is doing on their devices. You can keep tabs on which apps are on their phone and can gauge whether or not they’re appropriate for them to use. They also allow you to look out for any suspicious activity or age-inappropriate content on your kid’s devices.

The best safety measure for parents is open communication. Informing your children about the dangers of their online presence is essential. Openly communicating with kids can make them more willing to share any negative or suspicious interactions with people online.

Here are the top dangers your child is exposed to online:


One in three young people are victims of cyberbullying. The most common way of experiencing cyberbullying is through social media. Many aren’t even aware that they are potential victims of online bullying. People just assume others will be nasty for no reason over social media. Kids are mocked or are subject to mocking and vile messages.

Child predators

Sexual predators are lurking on the internet. Their goal is to take advantage of the innocence of underage children. They gain their trust and portray themselves to be peers and lure children into dangerous personal encounters.

The FBI offers parents comprehensive guides on safeguarding kids against predators.


Phishing is a term used for when emails are sent to get people to download malicious links. Things to look out for are emails from unknown addresses saying “hey you might like this” or emails saying you won the lottery.

Such emails can pop up at any time. Cybercriminals follow websites that are popular with children and gather as much information as they can. Email addresses, geographical location, family connections, etc. are all easily available online. Tell children to never open emails they don’t recognize, no matter how tempting they look.

Immature social media posts that come back to haunt children

Once something is on the internet, it is immortalized. Anything a child posts online is almost impossible to remove later on in life. Recruiters and employers now go through potential employees’ social media accounts thoroughly before making a decision. Any racist, sexist, homophobic, or graphic content can be reasons for people not landing jobs. Make sure your teens understand that their social media footprint should be well thought out for the future. Give them examples of things that could be harmful to them one day.

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