Violent Mobile Games: Why Your Child Needs to Stop Playing Them

At times, even the most harmless looking things can have very undesirable effects on your child’s mental and physical health. Common examples are sweet candies, excessive use of phones and video games.

Yes, you heard it right. Two animated humans beating each other up in a video is something you, as a parent should be worried about. Although violent video games affect everyone just as much, they’re much worse for children and teens as they are in the development phase of their personality.

Here’s a small guide on how violent video games are affecting your child.

Harmful effects

  • Desensitization: When children, who’ve had long term exposure to violent video games encounter similar situations in real-life, they don’t feel empathetic towards the sufferer. This is because they’ve been desensitized. Beating up opponents and seeing bloodshed in games over and over again eventually kills the guilt and makes the gamer less-sensitive to the idea of war.
  • Aggression: According to a study carried out by the National Academy of Sciences USA, playing violent video games for too long can make children physically aggressive. As per this study, most students who are taken to the principal’s office because they hit another student were found to be avid video games players. When children carry out aggressive acts in a game, they feel empowered. They feel like they’re making all the powerful fights happen on their own. This makes them enact the same in real life.

What can you do?

In order to keep a check on your child’s cell-phone activity and keep them away from playing violent video games, we recommend installing a phone spy app.  These apps are easily accessible at affordable rates. All you have to do is install one in your child’s phone. The best part is that these apps are undetectable and your child won’t know they’re being watched. After a quick 45 second sign up, you’ll have access to your child’s download history, browsing history, app details, GPS, calls, and messages. This way, you can even be alerted if your child is playing any such game late at night when you’re not around them.

For undetectable parental monitoring, download PhoneSpector at your earliest. This app works for both iPhone and Android devices. As an added bonus, there are no monthly charges. You can buy yours online now!

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