What to Do When a Family Member Goes Missing?

Every loss is recoverable and easy to get over, except for that of family. Burnt property can be rebuilt, a broken car can be repaired, and lost money can be re-earned. But if a family member leaves you forever, the loss is irrecoverable. Whether it’s a parent, a child, a sibling, or your spouse, there’s absolutely no alternative available to replace your relationship.

Keep your family close, protected, and make sure you’re quick to act if something goes wrong.

Here is a step by step guideline to follow if an important family member goes missing:

Step#1: Precaution

The first step is always precaution. If you’re out in the market, keep your children close to yourself. Make sure the elderly are also walking side by side with you. When at marketplace, it’s advisable to let your children walk ahead of you so you could keep an eye. Avoid taking toddlers to busy markets if they can be left at home. If your child is older, make sure they have a cellphone and the pre-paid sim card is topped up so they contact you if they lose their way.

Step # 2: Action

If a family member leaves the house and doesn’t come back in due time:

  • The first thing to do is get an announcement done. Go to the nearby church, community hall, school, or any other place of congregation and inform people about what the missed one looked like and who to inform if they’re found. Use hang signs. Give out photos of the person for them to easily identify.
  • Get the authorities involved. Law enforcement institutions are home to state equipment that you don’t own. Their methods of tracking down people are swift and efficient. Inform the nearest police station at your earliest so they can get to action. If you have any family history of kidnapping or any other thing, it’s better to inform the authorities.
  • Immediately contact friends and family. Ring up everyone who might be friends with the missing person to know of their whereabouts. If your family member is unreachable, maybe a friend who met them last will be able to help you tell the place where they were last seen. This will narrow down the search and make it easier.

Step # 3 Always have the tracker on

This can be used as a both preventative and action method. Always have a phone monitoring app installed in the phones of your loved ones. A phone tracking software such as PhoneSpector allows you to track someone’s GPS and know their whereabouts within seconds. Unlike all other methods, this one is efficient, swift and needs no extra effort. All it takes is a 45 second set up and you’d get the exact location of where the missing person is. As an added bonus, the app is compatible with both iPhone and android devices.

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