What to Do When They Lie About Where They’ve Been

Nobody likes betrayal and disappointments. Whether it’s finding out you’ve accidentally bought raisin cookies instead of chocolate chip, or coming across a Facebook post of your friends having lunch, without you.

But that’s something we can all still deal with. The worst type of betrayal is the one that’s unexpected. It hits you like a tidal wave; like a ton of bricks.

And no matter how much you wish you saw it coming, part of you also wishes you would’ve stayed blissfully unaware.

Surveys show that 55% men and 50% women have admitted to cheating on their spouses with more than 5 people.

The survey also shows that men who cheated admitted they started an affair because of lack of intimacy. Women stated lack of emotional satisfaction to be the cause of their cheating.

How to Catch a Cheater

One thing you should remember is that no matter what the reason is, cheating is NOT the solution. It only leads to misery, chaos, and regrets.

But if you suspect your partner of cheating, here’s what you can do:

Observe Their Behavior

Have you noticed any changes in the way they treat you? Observe the way they talk to you. Has their tone changed? Do they give you one-word answers? Do they get annoyed whenever you try talking to them?

How do they talk to others? If they’re treating everyone differently, it could be stress from work. In this case, it’s best to have a heart-to-heart conversation with them to see what’s going on.

But if they’re good to everyone except you, then that means something else is going on. It can be difficult admitting that there are problems within our relationship. We always make excuses for loved ones.

“Maybe they’re tired”

“Maybe they had a bad day at work”

“Maybe they have a lot on their plate”

But if their behavior doesn’t change after 2 weeks, you know something’s up.

Observe Their Body Language

If you have a hunch they’re lying about where they’ve been, observe their body language. Research shows that body language is an important component of communication. Most people communicate through actions.

If they fold their arms and stand back a little, this means they’re being defensive. If they dart their eyes to the right, they’re thinking of a creative excuse.

Other things to look out for are gesticulating and talking unnecessarily.

Pay Attention to Their Story

Listen to what they have to say. Ask mutual friends you can trust if the story adds up. If not, then you know something else is going on.

If it’s something strange that doesn’t add up, call their bluff right away.

Install a Phone Tracker

One way you can make sure they are where they say they are is by installing a phone tracker on their phone.

Is it unethical? Maybe it is. But that’s the only way to make sure their story adds up. Secondly, cheating itself is unethical and you need proof if you plan to take legal action.

PhoneSpector allows you to access the text messages, location, video/photos, and apps of the person whose phone you want to track. It takes only a few minutes to get all their text messages and call records.

Our software works with both iOs and Android.

So, give us a call at 1-888-503-5795 to learn more or talk to our representative today!

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