Cell Phone Data Backup & Extraction Software

The ultimate tool for accessing and recovering data on any iPhone or Android

- Easy download and installation
- 24/7 access to personal user dashboard
- Compatible with all iPhone and Android devices

What Types Of Data Can PhoneSpector Extract?

Safely and securely retrieve information from any mobile phone, including but not limited to:

Text Messages

Read SMS and MMS texts without having the phone in hand.


Call History

View call logs, including missed, outgoing, and incoming calls.


Photos & Videos

See all photos and videos stored within the target phone.


Social Media

Access Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media apps.



View all names and phone numbers saved under the phone’s Contacts app.



Third party app information is also retrievable with PhoneSpector.

How Does PhoneSpector Work?

PhoneSpector can access data in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1

Purchase & Login

Download PhoneSpector for iPhone or Android, and log into your target phone to begin the installation process according to device requirements.

Step 2

Install & Backup

Install the software to the phone by either logging into the Apple ID or entering your unique product License Key, then begin extracting data.

Step 3

View Data

Access and view all successfully retrieved information from the device by logging into your personal user dashboard.

Be sure to visit our iPhone and Android pages to learn more about the specific software installation requirements for each device.

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