3 Types of Untrustworthy Employees You Need to Keep an Eye on

Every workplace has its fair share of employee archetypes. There are the productive ones who always show up on time. Then there are the chronic slackers who you practically have to beg in front of to make them do their work. And lastly, there are the gossipmongers and backstabbers who encourage others to quit and create trouble.

That’s why it’s important to keep a vigilant eye on your employees; so you can identify the troublemakers. Here are the ones you need to look out for.

The information leaker  

A business’s most valuable asset is its ‘unique selling point,’ that one aspect which differentiates it from its competitors. The secret to creating a truly unique product or service is never widely known.

Certain employees might leak this information to competitors, who can then make use of the information and use it to beat you at your own game. Trade secrets are either leaked purposefully by employees, who have a grudge against the company, or accidentally, if an employee sends a crucial email to the wrong person. Organizational leaks have caused big companies a lot of damage in the past. To avoid the same happening to you, the online activity of such employees needs to be monitored closely.


While gossip is great when it comes to celebrities, fashion, and politicians, it’s the opposite if it happens in your organization.

According to Forbes, workplace gossip is both ‘divisive and damaging.’ Just one employee with juicy gossip to share can lead to a lot of employees leaving behind their work to get updates. To make things worse, a rumor about a certain employee can damage their reputation and cause them stress. For a team to be productive, it’s essential that they all work in harmony and respect each other.

Most workplace gossip usually takes place via WhatsApp or email groups.

The social media fanatics

We’re all entitled to making friends, chatting, browsing our music library, or even dating online. But provided that we do it at home.

According to the Huffington Post, social media kills creativity. Employees who use their work time to stalk others on Instagram or chat on WhatsApp are not on the same level of productivity as other employees. While small breaks between a work routine do refresh your mind, if it comes in the way of organizational goals, the employer must be concerned.

Most employees have company-sponsored phones. If these phones are used for purposes other than work-related emails, the employer has every right to monitor them (with the employee’s consent of course).

What can you do?

To keep a check on these types of employees for the greater good of the company, get a phone tracking software for your employee’s company-owned phones. After informing them that they’re being watched, you can keep a track of what they’re up to.

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