Chrome Parental Controls Parents Should Use

The internet is an extremely useful place for children to learn, grow, and socialize. According to Pew Research, about 45% of teens say they are constantly online. However, as a parent, our number one goal is always to keep our children safe. Google Chrome is there to help parents having features in place to make sure that your children are able to use the internet safely. The internet has content on there for people of all ages, which has parents worried about what they can do to make sure kids view content that’s not age-appropriate. Let’s look at how the Chrome parental controls can help you.

What Is Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a free internet browser that was acquired by Google in 2008, and integrates with some of your favorite sites like YouTube or Gmail. The web browser is programmed to install updates when they are available automatically, and is unique with its original v8 JavaScript engine. Along with many other unique features, Chrome offers privacy and security features for all users. Parents are finding these parental control features useful and easy to use. 

Chrome Parental Controls To Use

– Safe Search

The first thing you will want to do is turn on Safe Search Engine. Once you are signed in to your child’s Google account, access Click on Turn on Safe Search to activate this feature, then scroll down and press save to update the browser. This feature will help block any inappropriate content from Google search results. 

– Add Supervised Users

I would suggest creating your child their own Google Profile linked to your account. To do this, click the icon at the end of the address bar. It should be the profile picture of your account. When you click here, you should see “+ Add “ at the bottom, click here to add a person to your account. This is where you will create your own account for your child. You can view the users browsing activity from any device. Just make sure you enable the sync feature.

– Parental Control App

Many parents are turning to the latest phone monitoring apps like PhoneSpector to help manage their kid’s internet and phone use. Using apps like these, you can install the app to any Apple or Android device, and retrieve current data from the device. This way, you can see their Google Search results, websites they’ve visited, or any other suspicious activity you think they may be doing.

– Chrome Extensions

Chrome has numerous web extensions you can add to your browser to make the internet safer for users of all ages. They have extensions that can do many unique features, including blocking websites and filtering up explicit content. One such extension is Block Site. To view all the extensions available, visit the web store

– Google Family Link

Google Family Link is an excellent feature to set ground rules on your child’s Chrome browser. Screen time is important to monitor, and it is vital to use our mobile devices appropriately. Too much time spent looking at a screen can result in negative health habits. The app allows you to recommend age-appropriate apps to your child, and also hide apps that you do not want your kids to use.  

Why Use Parental Controls On Your Child’s Chrome Browser? 

Parents need to start using these parental controls to monitor their kid’s internet use and make sure they aren’t accessing anything they shouldn’t be. Doing things like blocking websites and enabling Safe Search can help eliminate inappropriate content, sexual predators, and the many other threats on the internet. All parents need to start setting parental controls on the Chrome web browser and mobile devices. Make internet use safe for users of all ages using these tips.  

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