Teenage Love Alert! Here’s How You Can Keep Your Teen Away from Dating Apps

A child’s teenage years are said to be their most vulnerable. It’s when the hormones start kicking in, and children start realizing their need for love and affection more than ever. Statistics show that the main demographic that uses online dating apps is college going students.

But when kids get lured by the charm of someone who is good looking, listens to them, and sends them flattering texts, they can give away too much personal information, making them vulnerable.

Here are a few ways you can keep your teen safe from falling prey to an online dating app.

Look for warning signs

Falling in love is not a bad thing, but because a lot of fraudulent people roam these dating apps, you need to be on the lookout for what your kid is up to. Some of these warning signs are:

  • Your teen spending unusually long hours on their phone, especially at night.
  • Lots of provocative or sensual pictures of people you’ve never seen before in their phone gallery.
  • Your kid answers ‘no one’ immediately after you ask them who they’re texting.
  • Your teen has saved contacts as dummy names instead of real ones.
  • Your teen acts scared if they see their phone in your hands.

Learn to communicate

When your kid turns into a teen, they’re old enough to be informed about the risks associated with wrongful internet usage. Tell your kids that not everything they read or see on the internet is true.

Someone pretending to be a teen might just be a pedophile or an adult with malicious intent. Inform them about what happens when your personal information falls in the hands of someone you don’t know personally.

Make sure your child knows that some dating apps come with special GPS connections which make it possible for the predator to track the individual and come to their location to harm them.

When you’re giving out this information to your teen, mind your tone and keep it friendly. Teens are sensitive about how they’re being spoken to. Talk to them like you’re a friend who values and understands their sentiments.

Download a phone spy app

If you fear that your teen might get offended if they catch you sneaking into their phones, try phone tracking software. Phone spy apps help you gain an access to your child’s online activity, download history, and all deleted chats and calls.

The good thing is that these apps are not detectable and your teen will never find out that they’re being watched. This way, you can sit in your own room, keep a vigilant eye on the kind of people your child interacts with online, and take action when you feel like their privacy is at risk.

Need help?

To stay updated on whether your teen’s online love life is harming them, download PhoneSpector. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android devices and is extremely easy to use. To buy your version of PhoneSpector, contact us through our website. You can also give us a call at 1-888-503-5795.

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